Ahh, Thanksgiving.

While the origins of this holiday, despite what we were all taught in elementary school, are complete and utter garbage, no one can deny the greatness that has become of this day. Food, family, more food, still more food and football. Is there anything more American?

To commemorate Thanksgiving 2012, HHSR has decided to take a brief walk down memory lane to the years 1998 and 2000, when a skinny wide receiver from West Virginia named Randy Moss set the world on fire from Texas Stadium. The first three clips are from Moss’ rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings. The Dallas Cowboys inability to slow down the eventual Offensive Rookie of the Year is somewhat understandable, but for them to get “Moss’d” repeatedly in 2000? Well, it speaks to the special talent of this player.

Sidebar: Perhaps the best part of these clips is the VINTAGE Pat Summerall & John Madden commentary. Any 80’s baby will appreciate it.

Nobody can defend all of Randy Moss’ exploits throughout his career (except this one) but he was still stuntin’ on the game’s very best as recently as two seasons ago, and he’s still doin’ work for the first place San Fransisco 49ers. When he finally hangs em up, for real, he’ll go down as the second best receiver to ever do it.

Hopefully, a guy by the named of Robert Griffin III can put on a similar show tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Thanksgiving from HHSR!

Clip 1

Moss links up with Randall Cunningham on the first long bomb in the ’98 game off of a flea flicker. GET MOSS’D!

Clip 2

November 26, 1998…yeah, the Cowboys really had no chance without the injured Deion Sanders that day.

Clip 3

“Speed. Kills.” Moss racks up the YAC and finishes off the ‘Boys with this touchdown. He ended the day with 3 catches for 163 yards and 3 TDs in a 46-36 Vikings win. Have you ever seen a player run faster on a football field?

Clip 4

Randy, with help from Daunte Culpepper, get the first Thanksgiving of the new millennium popping with this long reception in TRIPLE-COVERAGE!

Clip 5

Moss works the back of the end zone and makes an insane touchdown grab in double-coverage.

Clip 6

Randy decides to take a blowtorch to Jordin Sparks’ daddy, while also showing the youngin’s what footwork is all about. Moss finished the game with 7 grabs for 144 yards and 2 touchdowns. Minnesota went on to win 27-15.