The Midwest hasn’t been good to New York recently, huh?

The Knicks got worked over by the Indiana Pacers one day before the New York “Football” Giants were sent packing by MVP candidate and Super Saiyin god Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

The Giants loss was the best possible outcome for many a media outlet who had spent the week dissecting and regurgitating plot points centered on the now infamous boat trip to Miami by Giants receivers; Odell Beckham Jr, Sterling Shepherd, Victor Cruz and Roger Lewis. The quartet was accompanied by Trey Songz of all people and looked like they were auditioning for the next season of Vivica’s Black Magic.

How does taking a trip to Miami for the weekend after beating the Washington Racial Slurs impact a normal full week of routine practices before heading to Wisconsin?

Distraction Bronson had to make his presence felt, that’s how!

Distraction Bronson is every talking head with their flaming hot takes droning on and on about this quick trip, questioning the passion or preparation of the players involved. The Giants losing to a red hot Packers squad works out perfectly as the boat trip is a simple scapegoat to point to as the principle reason.

ODB caught only 4 of 11 targets and dropped two surefire touchdown grabs early that allowed the still sleeping Packers to hang around…boat trip.

The 5’11” ODB credited for a drop on an Eli Manning pass that was high enough to be an alley-oop to Kristaps Porzingis which would’ve been a huge momentum boost and kept the Packers offense off the field…boat trip.

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews strip sacks Manning, then plasters G-Man Paul Perkins and picks up the pigskin, setting up another touchdown drive for Rodgers….BOAT TRIP!!!

There is no good reason to believe that a reported four members of the 53 man roster of players taking a day off in Miami without any known incident is going to cause them to lose a game a week later. There is however good reason for Distraction Bronson to bring it up incessantly…clicks and views my friends, clicks and views.

Now if you want a real distraction look no further than the New York Knicks.

I’ve followed this team for as long as I can remember and they continue to unearth new and interesting ways to distract you from the fact that at one point in time there was good basketball hosted at the “World’s Most Famous Arena”. The latest installment of “Knicks” involves starting point guard Derrick Rose going AWOL prior to a game on Monday night. It was later reported Rose headed back to Chicago sometime between morning shootaround and game time. The team’s PR stated that Rose wasn’t with the team and Brandon Jennings would be the starter. There was “radio silence” on that front until after the Knicks had been kicked in the teeth by the Pelicans, continuing the annual slide into abyss.

Rumors and innuendo abounded while Anthony Davis (40 & 18 in 28 minutes) astounded…word to Clyde. #Knicks twitter vacillated between concern over Rose’s well-being and getting off these jokes. Players, coaches, staff (except Phil Jackson to this point) have all had to face the media after the fiasco. Outside of a fine of an undisclosed amount, the Knicks brass have remained pretty tight-lipped on this story. At the press conference, Derrick Rose only said he had to be with family, which is totally understandable, and needed his “space” when the Knicks called him, which is unacceptable for a professional athlete or any regular Joe six-pack in 2017.

The Knicks have will have Rose back in uniform next game as the saga continues. You can never be sure when you’ve hit rock bottom with the Knicks as there are always deeper darker depths to explore, but the Derrick Rose disappearing act is the kind of story that won’t soon be forgotten.

Not if Distraction Bronson has anything to say about it.